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Here at Wampum Wooden Wagons and Crafts, we strive to provide the best product we can at the most reasonable price.  Every thing we do is most generally done manually or by hand. We don't have fancy tools, high speed equipment or advanced technology for advanced production. So products purchased through us will most likely be a one of a kind. Our furniture is all handcrafted, hand sanded, hand oiled and hand rubbed.

What drives us
As professing Christians we try to follow the golden rule. "do on to others as done on to you."  We believe in the Holy Bible as a true document through and through. Deuteronomy chapter 6 verse 9 follows the outline of the Ten Commandments in Deuteronomy Chapter 5. Deuteronomy Chapter 6:9 tells us about these commandments to "Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates." Though Deuteronomy is a book of the Old Testament, some people mistakenly believe the New Testament books nullify all of the Old Testament doctrine. In fact we believe and one can see where the New Testament doctrine does just the opposite. The New Testament books actually re-state what is outlined in the Old Testament. As such, though we at Wampum Wooden Wagons and Crafts are but mere humans and "fall short of the glory of God" as noted in Romans 3:23, we strive daily to provide the best product at a fair price.  Our Internet Domain name www.writethemonyourdoorframes.com was chosen so those who visit our web site, including us at Wampum Wooden Wagons will constantly be reminded that we are to honor and follow Gods word daily.  James states in the Book of James to "pray without ceasing". And Deuteronomy 6:9 tells us to write the commands on our door frames of our houses and on our gates.' This is so we constantly see the Lord our God's commands and are constantly reminded of them.

Bob and Debbie Vaughn have been woodworking and craft building for over 30 years since 1978. Bob enjoys woodworking and seeing products to completion. Products are completed in full to a customer's satisfaction or refunded in full. The jewelry displayed on this web site that has feathers are from animals we care for on our farm. Debbie gathers molted feathers on a regular basis taking care to keep them in as pristeen condition as possible before turning them into art, namely earrings. The animals cared for are peacocks, doves, a variety of chicken species, geese, ducks, cockatiels, finches, and occassionally turkeys. Debbie loves crafts and animals. She has a genuine care for seeing a craft completed to her expectations or she won't market it. Debbie also helps Bob by looking over the beef herd to make sure the cattle are comfortable during their short 2 year stay on the farm. The horse bridles, halters and leads are something Debbie also has a passion for. She enjoys riding and caring for our horses and ponies and strives to have a good working bridle, halter or lead rope that is also attractive in design. So she hand crafts her own out of various ropes, fabrics and twines.


Wampum Wooden Wagons and Crafts by Vaughn  was formed in 1996 while Bob & Debbie's two young children were in their adolescent years. Bob & Debbie were living in a small Native American town just south of New Castle Pennsylvania  called Wampum. Bob had a passion to make a wooden wagon that was different from all other wagons that he could pull his two young children in, at the local fairs, extended trips, to the zoos, amusement parks, state parks and even to the malls.  He wanted the wagons to be unique and fun to pull and fun for the kids to ride in.
  After many months of designing  101_0146c
and drawing he finally came up with a vision of the wooden covered wagon. Because they lived in Wampum Pennsylvania at the time, the birth of the name Wampum Wooden Wagons just seemed appropriate for the new business. Debbie added to the vision of the covered wagon with a version called the buckboard and pip-squeak wagons.  Bob eventually thought a wagon made out of treated lumber may add to the fleet for those interested in a work wagon.  

Since Debbie had been designing and making crafts for many years she too thought she would like to be a part of the business as well, so the "and Crafts" portion of the business was born.  Through a few years of life challenges the dreams of their business lay dormant from 1997 through 2009. The dream is once again gaining legs.  Through your patronage we hope to provide some of the best products the market has to offer that are unique to the world and that will provide you as our customer, much enjoyment, entertainment and functionality.


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