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               GRASS FED BEFF       $3.00 per pound hang weight  
                                    sold by        WHOLE, HALF or QUARTER. 

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Grass Fed Beef Prices are tallied by the hang weight. The beef can be purchased in WHOLE, HALF or QUARTER quantities. The same price applies per pound for WHOLE and HALF orders. Quarter orders we add 10 cents per pound to hang weight price as the butcher increases his processing fee for QUARTERS. The minimum order is a QUARTER beef and the maximum is limited only by how many steer we have ready for sale at the time of order. 

A mature 2 year old Jersey beef will weigh between 800 and 1200 pounds.  A beef when butchered and processed will yield roughly 50% of its tape weight in meat which is referred to as hang weight.

   i.e. A beef that weighs 1000 pounds would yield roughly 500 pounds of meat in what ever type of meat cuts you are interested in. A regular cut processed beef would yeild rump roast, tip roast, chuck roast, beef roast, ribeye steaks, t-bone steaks, porterhouse steaks, ribs, hamburg and optionally heart, liver and  tongue. 
         It is a customer's choice what cuts are desired if the regular cut is not wanted.

Optionally a younger more tender beef is available. Generally between 12 and 18 months providing less meat (same cuts as mentioned above) but more tender suculant meat. The cost per pound is still $3.00 per pound hang weight of the beef but because it is younger and weighs less providing less beef the total cost is also less. 

We are simplifying our pricing structure. Effective Jan 10, 2012 we will no longer itemize our costs but have set one price so it is very easy to quickly determine the cost at purchase time.

An example of a purchase for a 1000 pound beef would be

             Purchase Beef (1000 x .5) x $3.00       = $1,500.00
    A WHOLE Beef  purchase yields      ==>  $1500.00 for 500 pounds including all cuts

   A HALF Beef purchase would be half =>    $750.00 for 250 pounds 
   A QUARTER Beef purchase would be=>    $387.50.00 for 125 pounds         
          (remember a QUARTER is 10 cents more per pound)

There is no trucking cost, butcher cost, processing cost or wrapping cost. We pay all hidden costs for the $3.00 per pound hang weight of the beef sold.  Additionally there no taxes or other  fees.                                                  

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